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Single Session


  • One 75-minute Session

  • $150

  • Coaching, Hypnotherapy, or Hypno-Coaching​       (a combination of both)

  • Regression sessions available, see below

Single sessions allow you to move at your own pace, whether at laser speed or a slow, gentle beat, and are ideal for new and returning clients. 

Integration Package

  • Three 75-minute Sessions

  • Completed within 6 weeks

  • $495

Soul Expansion Package 

  • Six 75-minute Sessions

  • Completed within 3 months

  • $960

Momentum Package

  • Ten 75-minute Sessions

  • Completed within 5 months

  • $1550


The Skinny on Packages

The customized session packages allow you to invest in yourself on a deeper level, anchoring all you've learned and giving you the clarity and power to move forward in your daily life.


We'll gently address the nitty-gritty of what you wholeheartedly want and need while addressing

emotions, blocks, limiting beliefs, fears, & situations that need a shift. 

  • You'll receive follow-up Email/Text support and accountability M-F, in between sessions until the end of the package series. This includes various resources; such as book suggestions, journaling prompts, stress-management tools, videos, & links.

  • All sessions are 75 minutes by phone or video call (Zoom). In-person sessions available soon!


  • Working together, on a consistent monthly basis, gives you time to put your plan into action while receiving accountability and support in a safe & sacred environment.

It's been said it takes 21 days to create a new habit or form of thought, and 90 days to reset & anchor in the new healthy pattern. Imagine what we can accomplish together!

2020 knock you down? A few sliding scale spots are available for financial hardship.
Ask for an application during our Consult.  
Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy Series

Experience a journey through time

$480 ~ 3 sessions, 90 min. each

(individual sessions also available)

Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a gentle hypnotic journey that guides you back through time to previous lifetimes. It's a healing tool to gain inspiration, understand fears & phobias, unlock your dreams, and remember personal connections by drawing parallels between a past life and current life situations. Is it real or your imagination? Well, that's up to you! I believe the subconscious can also show us metaphors and images, much like in dreams, to help us on our healing  journey.

Inner Child Regression

Inner Child Regression can be a lovely way to revisit and heal your younger self. By gently observing and interacting with your Inner Child, you'll gain valuable insight into your current adult self. Understanding childhood experiences from an adult's perspective inspires trust, forgiveness, and self-connection. Traveling back may help you relive pleasant memories or gain insight into troubling ones to help you in the present. My technique is a gentle and nurturing one. I am the guide, yet I follow your lead; we will go at your own pace, I promise :)

*Limited Sliding Scale spots available for those in financial need. Just ask!

Reiki Energy Healing Sessions

$135 - 75 minutes

* Sessions are in person, either inside my home office or my sweet little backyard, weather permitting.

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