"Quiet the mind and the soul will speak."

~ Buddha



Guided meditation is a beautiful tool to calm the mind, become more present, and move into a deeply relaxed state.

While meditating on your own, you may find it challenging at times to sit still, be alone with your thoughts, and even imagine a brighter happier future.

As your guide, I use imagery to help you travel within, untangle the messy mind to create peace, relaxation, and serenity.

Some sessions we may simply focus on the breath for a few moments before we begin coaching.


In others, we'll spend our hour talking then create a recording you can listen to at any time of day or night for a clear serene mind.


Hypnotherapy is a gentle and powerful healing approach to

working with the subconscious mind.


Hypnosis is focused attention, often on a specific issue, and is a bit different and deeper than meditation, such as:


  • Anchor in desired goals, feelings, beliefs

  • Directly addressing and unlocking fears & phobias to create new healthy habits


  • Candid inner dialogue to access deeper emotions & physical symptoms; parts work, sacred journey, regression 

  • Regression Therapy; Past Life and Inner Child  

Working with a Certified Hypnotherapist, you have a trained professional you trust (Me!) to guide and assure you during your experience.


It is a gentle non-invasive process that guides you into an enhanced relaxed and natural state of mind, deepening the connection to one’s inner wisdom.


Are you wondering if hypnosis and meditation are the same? They kinda are, in many respects!

The trance state is completely safe and is similar to twilight sleep; that tranquil place between sleep and awake that we’ve experienced often while watching TV, enjoying nature, daydreaming, listening to a boring lecture, or lost in thought while driving.


You can easily experience this dreamy, relaxed state either on your own (I can teach you) or

with some professional guidance (also me!).

Individual Sessions & Packages

Single Session:

$160~ 90 minutes​

We can meet either in person in my sweet cozy home office in Capitola CA,

or via video call (Zoom, FaceTime) as well as by phone. 



Journey Through Time

Past Life Regression Therapy Series

$450~ 3 sessions, 90 min. each

(individual sessions also available)

Past life regression is a gentle hypnotic journey that guides you back through time to previous lifetimes. It's a healing tool to gain inspiration, understand fears & phobias, unlock your dreams, and remember personal connections by drawing parallels between a past life and current life situations. Is it real or your imagination? Well, that's up to you! I believe the subconscious can also show us metaphors and images, much like in dreams, to

help us on our healing journey.

*Limited Sliding Scale spots available for those in financial need. Just ask!