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Rock Balancing

Reiki is a safe, gentle, and non-intrusive hands-on-healing technique given by a trained practitioner; flowing, loving healing energy that leaves one feeling content, tranquil, and calm. 

Reiki, pronounced ray-key, is the flow of universal life force energy. It's a timeless healing system originating in Japan and, discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, and brought to America by Mrs. Hawayo Takata

(my teacher's teacher).


Reiki provides deep relaxation and an overall feeling of well-being. You will simply lay on a massage table, or sit in a chair, fully and comfortably clothed. While listening to soothing music, or enjoying the silence, I'll guide you into a relaxed and meditative state, integrating other energy healing methods so your energy system becomes aligned and balanced.

It is a lovely tool to calm the fight/flight/freeze response and harmonize the emotional body.

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Turn On Your Stress Response and Calm Thyself Down!

In my practice I often integrate Qi Gong, as well as Energy Medicine techniques adapted by Donna Eden and Amy B. Scher; simple movements and acupressure points can increase resilience to stress, and bring more clarity and calm in your life.

During Reiki, I may lightly press on a few of these points to encourage the movement of Qi, as well as balance

the meridian and nervous system. 

In a coaching or guided meditation session, I almost always have a simple and powerful tool for you to use on your own. This is sooo easy to learn on Zoom and even over the phone.

My clients have texted me asking for assistance with episodes of anxiety and fear, and they've been able to take themselves out of fight/flight and into a more peaceful state. All through a text!

What is Qi Gong anyway?


Often described as a moving meditation, Qi Gong is the practice of slow graceful movements (like Tai Chi and Yoga), coordinated body postures, deep breathing, and the cultivation of the life force energy. And it feels so good!


You may enjoy learning a movement or two specific for grounding, mental clarity, physical energy, and connecting with the present moment and your natural state of balance. It's super easy, often fun, and always calming.

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