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"Coaching turns problems into challenges, challenges into opportunities, and opportunities into gifts"

~ Milton Erickson



Because you deserve to honor all the parts of you, transforming your mind, body, & spirit, while you:


Step into your truth, Rediscover your gifts, and Move your life forward


In my practice, I take a "hybrid" approach, meaning connecting with you as a whole being,

integrating these three parts of you to create the changes you desire.


Intuiting my clients’ energy, feelings, and concerns enables me 

to choose the right tools for your custom session.

What is Coaching Anyway?


Coaching is a co-creative partnership between the coach and the client, you and me, working together to

 enhance your human potential and life experience.


We touch upon your past to understand patterns, behaviors, fears, and beliefs. Then tap into your resourcefulness to move forward with clarity, joy, and a few awesome tools for Stress Resilience.


I’m not a therapist, however, I do have a counseling-style approach in my coaching practice.

You may book a single (Discover) session or package for just Coaching or just Hypnotherapy. However, I often incorporate both tools in my practice in a safe, gentle, and mighty powerful, manner. Contact me and let's chat :)

I Will ~

Be your guide and catalyst.

Support you, set-by-step, with home assignments, accountability, compassion, and a little humor. 

Listen deeply and follow your energy; Do you need baby steps or big leaps? 

You Will ~


Discover your own unique truths 

Identify self-limiting beliefs keeping you stuck

See your challenge with fresh eyes

My job is to help you stay in alignment with your intentions and goals. I’ve got your back!


Your job?  Bring the motivation and desire. Show up for yourself, and we’ll go from there!

Shifting your thoughts, calming your nervous system, transforming energy around fears and uncertainties will take you from where you are now to where you want to be.


Inidvidual  Session

  • One 90-minute Session

  • A highly focused life alignment session with immediate on-the-spot support.


  • 5 days of follow-up Email/Text support and accountability M-F

  • $160

Need to make a time-pressing, straight-to-the-point decision? Ready to move forward Right Now and don't know where to begin? Do we need to access your subconscious mind, unlocking inner wisdom? This is where we begin.


Our next step is to dive deeper into packages, anchoring in all you've learned and experienced so far...

Integration Package

  • Three 75-minute Sessions

  • Completed within 6 weeks

  • $495

Soul Expansion Package 

  • Six  75-minute Sessions

  • Completed within 3 months

  • $895

Momentum Package

  • Ten 75-minute Sessions

  • Completed within 5 months

  • $1195

The Skinny on Packages:


Customized session packages allow you to invest in yourself on a deeper level. We'll gently address the nitty-gritty of what you wholeheartedly want and need while addressing emotions, blocks,

& situations that need a shift. 

  • We'll meet weekly or bi-monthly

  • You'll receive follow-up Email/Text support and accountability M-F, until the end of the package series. This includes various resources, like book suggestions, journaling prompts, videos, & links.

  • All sessions are 75 minutes


Working together on a consistent monthly basis gives you time to put your plan into action while receiving accountability and support in a safe & sacred environment.

It's been said it takes 21 days to create a new habit or form of thought, and 90 days to reset & anchor in the new healthy pattern. Imagine what we can accomplish together!

2020 knock you down? A few sliding scale spots are available for financial hardship. Ask for an application during our Consult.