Hey there, I'm Sue Seely – I help beautiful humans transform thoughts, rediscover their strengths, and move their life forward.

I began my work in 1988 as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist in the fields of mental health, addiction recovery, and stress management. I taught many how to incorporate play and joy into their lives, as well as cultivate calm amidst their internal struggles. 

Based on these years working with adults and teens, as both a professional and a stay-at-home mom, I discovered the healing power of visualization and the instant calming effect it has on the body and mind.

So, in 1995 I became a Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and began my own healing practice. My 6-year-old daughter became my first client! Through the years, I began coaching with a vibrant infusion of healing tools: Qi Gong, radical self-care, journaling, NLP, aromatherapy, retreat coaching, and tapping. My thirst for healing knowledge never ends.


Having survived through Lyme Disease during a stormy divorce, I was no stranger to stress and emotional turmoil. During those times, what could I do but practice what I teach? I found shifting my mindset and continuing the inner work I teach my clients was the key to continual growth, healing, and thriving. But let us not forget the most important step; reaching out and asking for help

I’m a California native living in the quaint coastal town of Capitola. My heart is in the sand and sea and climbing trees. I love deep belly breaths, snort laughing, being a (grand) mama-bear, my crazy family, and a good cuppa joe...

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  • You’re a kind, loving, spiritual being negotiating this human life. Give yourself a break.


  • Even just one minute of focused conscious breathing will steady and ground you in uncertain moments. Are you breathing right now? Breath in... and now Breath out.... ;)


  • You must fill your own cup in order to replenish your soul. One tiny and mighty drop will magnify and grow.


  • Treating yourself as you would a vulnerable child or beloved pet is Love in action. Be kind to yourself!


Certified Life Coach

B.S. Recreation Therapy

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Reiki Master

NLP Practitioner

Master Retreat Coach

Qi Gong Instructor

Essential Oils Practitioner

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