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Marie Royer, DC

Synergy Chiropractic, Santa Cruz CA

When I meet with Sue, she hears me - not only my words, but what’s between them, underneath them, and tethered to them. She really listens. Talking to Sue is like talking to a friend, a therapist, and a Mom all rolled into one - a friend because she “gets me,” a therapist because she is so smart, and a Mom because she is incredibly nurturing, without being placating. 


Her intuition blows me away, and the way she expresses it is clean - Sue doesn’t get her own agenda into the mix. Although she draws on her own insight and experience, she is there 100% for me. 

Sue has guided me to insight & self-discovery through coaching, Reiki, and hypnotherapy. She is every bit as proficient with one modality as she is with the others … I think it is because her essence comes through her work, and the practitioner’s essence is more important than the modality of treatment. 

I absolutely recommend this gem of a talented and dedicated woman to anyone who is ready to find a new approach to the elusive puzzle of their own life!


Spiritual Catalyst, Palo Alto CA

Sue Seely is one of the most inventive healers I have ever experienced. She’s truly amazing, mastering Reiki, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, coaching, and many other modalities.


There is no one like her: she is totally bright, wildly funny, open-hearted, daring, and FILLED WITH LIGHT. Her smile fills you up, her words are direct, comforting, and in the flow of the higher realms. Her energy is absolutely contagious! 


Sue is an original and I recommend without reservation to anyone who wants to experience a deeper connection to themselves and the world inside.

Ann Bolger Peruzzi, PhD. 

Psychologist, Mindful Meditation Teacher. Aptos CA

Sue’s Coaching technique is a mixture of a down-to-earth approach, intuitive knowing, and informed study.  She chooses from a wide variety of tools to tailor the situation.


She is very client-centered and has high positive regard for me and my issues. She won’t impose herself in the space, but rather allowed me to have my own images, phrases, and letting it all unfold.

Sue gave me hope, an invaluable perspective on the situation, and above all true compassion. And she’s funny and smart. She is super intuitive! And I liked the way she worked with metaphor and guided images in our sessions.

If you are someone who is interested in gaining a unique perspective, goal-oriented, self-aware, and looking for a holistic approach to healing and treatment, I Whole Heartedly recommend Sue Seely.

Beth Nelson

Founder Ignited Women, Watsonville CA

I approached Sue Seely Coaching years ago. I was burnt out, full of anxiety, and deep in adrenal fatigue. With gentleness, compassion, and a wicked sense of humor, Sue helped me by demonstrating how to truly listen to my own needs first as the key to healing. I immediately felt safe under her care.

Using her intuition, and several different modalities to personalize my sessions, I felt cared for and accepted for where I was in my process and trusted her guidance. I found the experience deeply healing and fulfilling. I appreciate how Sue brings her own life journey into her work to keep it authentic and real. 


The result has been a long-term shift in how I approach life and my own health, as I continue to use those tools and live with more vitality and presence.

I recommend Sue Seely Coaching to people who need a reminder of their own power and vitality in the midst of profound life challenges.

Kali Schmidt

Esthetician, Santa Cruz CA

When I first came to see Sue I had never experienced hypnotherapy before and I was a little bit nervous. Sue made me feel comfortable and I easily went into a state of relaxation helping me benefit from her expertise.


She is super easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor. I loved the mix of the hypnotherapy and discussing my issues with her. She had great advice and was a really good listener. The hypnotherapy was not scary at all and it ended up helping me immensely with my elevated anxiety

I highly recommend Sue to anybody who is looking for a kind, compassionate, spiritual, intelligent hypnotherapist/life coachShe has changed my life for the better!

Zia Asuncion King

Artist, Teacher, Washington State

Sue Seely is a born healer and coach. She draws upon her diverse knowledge of techniques to assist you in the best way possible for You. Acting as a guide, Sue allows you to gather everything You need to build a strong foundation and assemble a tool belt so you can heal/change Yourself. She is attentive, creative, genuine, and exceptionally tapped in.

The profound change we both saw within me after completing the 3 month, 6 session coaching series is extraordinarily empowering! I feel unstoppable, grounded, and excited to continue working towards my goals using all the teachings and practices I gained from Sue’s coaching. I feel more confident in myself than I ever have before, and I couldn’t have done it without Sue Seely.

Cassie Schuette

Early Childhood Educator, San Jose CA

I am a domestic violence survivor. When I met Sue I was unable to say that out loud. I was in pain, suffering, and knew I needed help. It was uncomfortable to have anyone touch me. Then I began seeing Sue for Reiki, and her healing energy changed my life. I felt loved. Within a few months, I gently learned how to love myself. I started to see clearly and knew I wasn’t alone on this journey. I can honestly say I would not be the Phoenix that rose from the ashes without Sue's love and guidance. 

Years later, in a work situation that I was not able to handle on my own, Sue spent 2 loving hours coaching me through that painful experience. I entered the call feeling small and defeated, at the end, I felt strong and physically taller. I would not have weathered my personal storm without her. She is a true gift to all of us! Thank you Sue!

Jenna Cooley, M.ED, PCC

Jenna Cooley Coaching, North Carolina

Sue was my ROCK during my divorce. Her natural intuition guided me through the darkest of days with incredible insight, compassion & skillHer perceptive coaching empowered me to regain calm and rebuild confidence so that I not only survived that difficult time, but I thrived! I felt smarter, sexier, & healthier than I had in years. Investing in coaching with Sue was the wisest move I could have made. I highly recommend her!

Laura Salvatore, L.Ac, MSOM

National University of Natural Medicine 2021

Portland, Oregon

Through a combination of guided imagery, coaching, Reiki, and aromatherapy, Sue journeyed with me, encouraging me on a path of deep self-healing. Working with Sue was like having a bright light shine into my world of darkness, gently pulling me into the sunshineSue goes above and beyond the traditional duties of a coach/healer. Working with her you are sure to find a woman who will always listen, open her heart, and do absolutely everything she can to help you heal in whatever ways you need. She offers so much unconditional love, positive energy, acceptance, and wisdom

Sue has changed my life, and I will forever be grateful.

Eva Pollard

Founder, The Circular Living Co., Santa Cruz CA

A few years ago, I experienced an emotional trauma that sent my body into shock, triggering a Lyme Disease flare; extreme fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, and depression, which made getting out of bed extremely difficult.

I was fortunate to work with Sue during this difficult time. She was the support I needed, giving me so much insight and valuable tools to help me take care of myself. Sue is patient, compassionate, wise, real, and relatable. It was a breath of fresh air working with someone who could honestly say, “I know what you’re going through,” because she’s been there. I can’t thank Sue enough for helping me re-discover my self-love and self-care. 

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